Catalogus Fossilium Austriae

Systematic Catalogue of Austrian Fossils

Austrian Academy of Sciences

Editor: Werner E. Piller (Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz)

The Catalogus Fossilium Austriae is a systematic catalogue on Austrian fossils published by the Commission for the Palaeontological and Stratigraphical Research of Austria of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Originally (until 2001) these catalogues mainly comprised lists of taxa and annotated synonymy lists on fossils recovered from Austrian territory. These volumes considered data from systematic-taxonomic papers as well as published mapping reports, map explanations, papers on general geological topics, and faunal lists. The aim was to achieve the most complete distributional coverage possible. At that time descriptions and illustrations were included only occasionally.

With the appointment of Werner E. Piller (University of Graz) as new editor of the Catalogus, the series underwent considerable renewal. Due to their highly improved content and usability, the Catalogus Fossilium Austriae volumes will form an indispensable basis for further research in this field.


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