Priv.-Doz. Dr.
Anja Palandačić

collection manager, staff scientist
  • Collection and databank management
  • Assisting the curator
  • Scientific advice and support for the guests
  • Research
  • Project management
  • Supervision of students
  • International collaboration


Anja Palandačićs ORCID record:
Phone: 01 52 177 212

31.10. 2019 – 29.04.2024 „Dispersal of Aquatic Organisms in Karst Landscapes” Awarded by FWF Austrian Science Funds
Joint Project with Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana; No.: I 4131-B25

12. 2016 – 12. 2017 „Gibt es Wiener Elritzen?“ Awarded by Hochschuljubiläumsstiftung der Stadt Wien No.: H-275981/2016


  • 01.10. 2007 – 06.04.2012 PhD in Genetics
    • University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical faculty, Department of Animal Science, Groblje 3, SI-1230 Domzale, Slovenia
  • 01. 10. 2001 – 05. 06. 2007 Bachelor of Science in Biology
    • University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical faculty, Department of Biology, Večna pot 111, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 01. 09. 1997 – 30. 08. 2001 High school graduate
    • Gimanzija Bežigrad, Peričeva 4, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Professional history

  • 28. 09. 2021 Habilitation at the University of Ljubljana in Evolution Biology
  • Since 01. 07. 2013 Fish collection manager, I. Zoological Department, Natural History Museum Vienna, Burgring 7, 1010 Vienna, Austria
  • 01. 06. 2012 – 01. 05. 2013 Researcher University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Clinical institute for Medical Genetics, Šlajmerjeva 3, Ljubljana
  • 01. 10. 2007 – 31. 03. 2012 Junior Researcher University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical faculty, Department of Animal Science, Groblje 3, 1230 Domzale, Slovenia


  • 22. – 26. 11. 2021 Basic Collections Techniques/the Shipping Workshop, at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, online
  • 11. – 12. 11. 2021 muse-OMICS workshop organized by the DFG SPP 1991 Taxon-Omics, online
  • 20. – 24. 06. 2016 NGS Sequencing Workshop, Plant Molecular Ecology & Evolutionary Genomics, University of Vienna
  • 23. – 25. 02. 2016 A workshop on the Nagoya Protocol and Access and Benefit Sharing, The Bavarian State Collection of Zoology, Munich, Germany
  • 20. – 25. 05. 2012 25th Course in Medical Genetics (Remote Center Split) European Genetics Foundation, Bologna, in collaboration with Medical Faculty of Split
  • 27. 09 – 01. 10. 2011 Workshop CONGEN (Pop. Genetics Data Analysis Course) University of Montana (USA) and CIBIO (Portugal)
  • 04. 06. – 04. 10. 2010 Internship Walter Salzburger Laboratory, Evolutionsbiologie, Zoologisches Institut, Universität Basel, Switzerland
  • 09. – 30. 01 2010 Workshop on Molecular Evolution
  • 09. 01. – 02. 02. 2009 Internship Ben Koop Laboratory, Centre for Biomedical Research, University of Victoria, Canada


Slovene (Mother tongue), English (fluent), German (fluent), Croatian (fluent), Serbian (fluent), Spanish (basic)


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PALANDAČIĆ A. Skrivnostne gaovice. Trdoživ, 2012, letn. 1, št. 1, str. 19, ilustr. [COBISS.SI-ID 3265416]

Reviewer for the ERC (European Research Council) 2020 -

Co-organizer of ConsGen18: Third Annual Meeting in Conservation Genetics 2018 in Vienna

Reviewer on Synthesys Panel in Natural History Museum Prague, Czech Republic, 2014

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